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Display Advertising Agency in Lehigh Valley

Graphics and images are powerful marketing tools, especially when you partner with the right digital display advertising agency.

Display Advertising Agency in Lehigh Valley

Your Comprehensive Digital Display Advertising Agency

By incorporating ads on display networks, you can achieve big results with a reasonable budget. This area of marketing expertise comes with high risks and high rewards. With seemingly boundless choices when it comes to targeting, placement and bidding, you need a knowledgeable digital display advertising agency to help you spend your advertising budget wisely.

DKM stands out among digital advertising companies because we have a proven success rate and focus on targeting the right audience for your products and services. Our team has lent our experience to numerous clients looking to maximize their return on investment across the Google Display Network. We would love to become your display advertising agency of choice with concrete results and in-depth analysis of campaign results.

What Is Digital Display Advertising?

As a premier display advertising agency, we use graphic ads to promote your products and services on apps, websites and social media. This could include anything from banners and other ads consisting of images, text, video, flash and audio elements.

Display ads are designed to encapsulate brand messages and product information that locks in your targeted audience. With the right digital display advertising agency in your corner, you can formulate the perfect message and graphic elements to grab the attention of prospective customers.

What to Expect From Digital Advertising Companies

Look for display advertising companies that can provide campaign strategy and structured advice. After all, you can't create a successful campaign without a solid plan. At DKM, we start by understanding exactly who you want to target. Then, we build a campaign based on the behaviors and favorite sites of your demographic. Our marketing pros further break this down to find the right combination of website placements and keywords to bring organic traffic to your product and service pages or online store.

Our seasoned team performs rigorous A/B testing, keeping high-performing ads and tweaking or nixing low-performing ones. We also recognize that landing pages must present another opportunity to catch her information about your target audience and convert viewers into buyers.

By implementing sophisticated tracking, we can help you determine the best ways to reach and convert even more prospective customers.

Your Comprehensive Digital Display Advertising Agency

When you choose us as your digital display advertising agency, you will have access to a full suite of digital display ads to promote your brand and product offering effectively. Here are the most common types of display ads used to convert shoppers.

  • Video ads: Via platforms such as YouTube, you can use video ads to highlight the features and benefits of your brand. video ads are also effective on social media and mobile app channels.

  • Banner ads: Banner ads are still an effective way to reach your target audience. With an effective message, they can improve brand support and increase sales.

  • Dynamic display ads: Use these contextual ads to place customized messages in front of various target audiences.

  • Mobile display ads: Display ads need to look as great on mobile devices as they do on laptops or tablets.

  • Interactive ads: Does your ad content engage your audience and invite them to explore your product offering? Interactive ads involve consumers and keep them invested throughout the sales process.

Work with DKM, a premier display advertising agency, to develop an on-the-mark campaign using the elements above and other digital marketing strategies, We'll track ad performance and help you improve your marketing performance.

👉 Low Budgets Welcome

We will work with clients that have a minimum of $10 per day budget

👉 Conversion Tracking

We will help set up all the tracking codes if needed.

👉 Call Tracking Included

We can provide you with tracking through local or national tracking numbers

Contact us today to find out more about how our digital display advertising agency and what we can do for your brand!

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