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Small Story About Us

We improve your business

We solve internet visibility problems for clients around the United States. Highest percentage of our clients are local businesses. David Koder brings a great deal of his Taekwondo journey into the client atmosphere, because he believes its five tenets aren't just the basis of a life focus and fighting style, they represent unshakable pillars of excellent business practices as well.



"The best doesn't need the most expensive; just needs the most effective"

- David Koder

Vision through our thinking

D Koder Marketing approaches the success of our clients the same way David Koder approached his 17-year journey through Taekwondo: with determination, precision and stamina to see effort manifest as results. Marketing may be "his industry," but this isn't just a 'job' to him - it's a way of life that he is pleased and privileged to bring to the roster of valued clients D Koder Marketing has.

Above all else in this business, Davids focus remains on helping people overcome obstacles, a skill he took to heart working at a local sporting goods store in his teenage years.

David may not have known about every sport, but when customers came through the door, they asked for him. Not because he sold them the most expensive equipment, but because he listened to their needs. It was not about selling them the most expensive equipment and promising unrealistic expectations. It’s about fitting the player with the right equipment to perfect their individual game.

We prefer to choose people over profits and that means integrity and values are important to us – and so are you and your customers. We work with customers that are passionate about their business and we want to give you the best campaigns. Search engines like Google want us to help customers find you – and so do we.

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