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WHAT IS YouTube Advertising?


YouTube advertising allows organizations to advertise with paid overlays and video content within existing YouTube videos or in the desktop sidebar on appropriate pages. YouTube advertising can be tailored to be highly precise, targeting specific video types, channels, or viewer types. The ideal format for your advertising will be heavily dependent on your budget for content, your prospects’ behaviors on YouTube, and the types of videos you would like to advertise on.


WHAT ARE MY YouTube Advertising OPTIONS?


YouTube offers quite a broad selection of advertising formats of varying costs. Many also involve additional production costs, which you’ll want to factor in when weighing them against one another. The six notable formats include:


  • Display: Ads appearing to the right of the YouTube video, above the video suggestion list or playlist. 

  • Overlay: Semi-transparent ads which overlay the lower portion of the playing video. 

  • Skippable video ads: Video ads viewers can skip after 5 seconds, inserted before, after, or during the video.

  • Non-skippable video ads: Ads which must be completed before the video can be watched, placed before, during, or after the main video. 

  • Bumper ads: Short, non-skippable ads at the beginning of videos, up to 6 seconds in length. 

  • Sponsored cards: Display content such as products. Show as a short teaser, with additional interaction available if the user clicks the corner of the video. 


Learning the ‘sweet spot’ of intrusiveness, production cost, ad cost, and targeting specificity requires either extensive testing for your specific business or extensive experience with YouTube advertising



YouTube ads have a lot to offer businesses and other organizations over other forms of advertising, especially those ads which are presented before or during the feature video. Specific avenues of growth via YouTube advertising include:


  • Traffic: YouTube ads allow you to garner traffic you’d otherwise miss, as many heavy YouTube users rarely venture outside of the YouTube ecosystem. Targeting tools and market responsiveness to video content can also make YouTube a superior advertising market. 

  • Authority: Advertising on YouTube videos allows your company to share in the authority of the content your prospect is already viewing. This can be highly potent in some markets, as an association with a high-profile content creator can have a significant impact on your long-term prospects. 

  • Branding: Both your ad content and the videos you advertise on contribute to name recognition and image building. 

  • Reinforcement: Seeing your advertising in multiple formats and mediums helps customers remember your name, your offers, and your legitimacy.

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