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Video SEO Services in Lehigh Valley

D Koder Marketing offers YouTube search engine optimization SEO services to those looking to outrank the competition in YouTube search results.

Video SEO Services in Lehigh Valley

Are your YouTube videos truly reaching the right audience?

Video content matters more today than ever before, for nearly every aspect of marketing. As YouTube SEO determines whether people see your videos, it is, of course, crucial for any modern web marketing strategy. For many demographics and market segments, videos come first above all other forms of content - meaning your YouTube SEO matters more than website SEO. Without proper YouTube SEO, it's quite easy for a company to fall behind its competitors, even if it's keeping up with YouTube uploads.

It’s important to remember the YouTube is a Google product, meaning that, when Google pulls videos for its results pages, it has the full breadth and depth of information available to YouTube. This makes YouTube-specific SEO far more valuable than custom SEO approaches for other web content.

While Google guards the algorithms behind sites like Google, YouTube, and Google+, the company and its developers have put out quite a few guides for users aiming to achieve superior results. This, combined with the research of search engine optimizers and other internet marketing specialists, has revealed this list of key factors to your YouTube video rankings:

  • Channel keywords: the keywords associated with your channel itself, rather than the video.

  • Video title: the title entered for the video during uploading.

  • Video description: the description entered for your video.

  • Video filename: the name of the actual video file uploaded to YouTube.

  • Video tags: various keywords and tags appended to your video during or after uploading.

  • User experience metrics: data collected by YouTube about how often your video is clicked on, viewed, etc.

  • Watch times: how long viewers watch, especially complete viewings versus immediate bounces.

  • Views: total views of your video by unique visitors.

Of course, these are only a portion of the factors behind YouTube rankings. Many of the same factors behind traditional SEO also play a role in your videos’ positions on YouTube and Google search results, such as backlink profiles. However, they play a significantly reduced role here when compared to the factors above.

👉 Intent based results

Increase views from intent type searches on YouTube.

👉 Long Term Lead Generation

Rank where your competitors don't pay attention.

👉 Turn Audio Into Text

Breaking your content from video to vlog and expanding your content accress channels to make a difference.

Schedule a meeting with us today and let us review your YouTube Channel for a next step approach to increase relevant views.

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