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Online Review Management in Lehigh Valley

Concerned about negative reviews? Review management is the perfect way to build trust with your local community.

Online Review Management in Lehigh Valley

Changing the way you increase your local trust

Can't keep up with your business reviews? You might need reputation management. To protect your business reputation, don't wait for an emergency or a crisis. The time for reputation management is right now.

At D Koder Marketing, or DKM, we have developed an agile and discreet approach to reputation management for business owners. The sustainable results from our proven performance are broken down into 2 factors to lay the foundation for mitigating damage recovery. These include:

  • Review Monitoring

  • Review Acquisition

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time SMS review software

You can easily monitor reviews in your dashboard and receive real-time alerts when new tweets, email messages and text message reviews are shared online with our real-time SMS review software. This can help to:

  • Allow for prompt responses

  • Helps with time-sensitive issues that need to be addressed

  • Minimizes backlash from negative reviews

​With real-time email alerts, you can instantly see full reports, ratings and recent feedback. You can also direct reviews and feedback to ensure 5-star reviews are forwarded to the appropriate departments and employees are acknowledged.

This software supports additional staff to keep everyone in the loop with a few simple clicks to add in new email addresses for recently hired staff.

With any negative reviews or feedback, these are flagged right away and brought to your immediate attention for correction and customer resolution. This will help staff to take immediate corrective measures to resolve customer complaints or concerns effectively.

Reputation Management

"You don't want to just look at these (negative reviews) and say, "OK, we have some bad reviews." You actually want to look at the results themselves and see exactly what people are saying about you, so then you can address that within your business, because no matter how skilled you are with online reputation management, it's really hard to control the front page if people are constantly writing negative reviews about your business online. So it makes sense to actually address those underlying issues that might be negatively impacting your online reputation management."

​Take control of your business with reputation management. If you have received negative online reviews, what is the first thing you do? Do you consider what your online reputation looks like? Do you worry about bad press, negative reviews and inaccurate ratings?

These can all be frustrating and make you feel less empowered. First, remain calm. That's what we're here for. You may also get angry or upset because you know your business can perform better – and it will with reputation management.

👉 Review Management

Review Management needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy and promote business growth.

👉 Review Monitoring

Monitoring and responding to your reviews shapes your business reputation. Happy customers who sing your organization’s praises deserve recognition.

👉 Review Marketing

When you earn a positive reputation, review management software allows businesses to share their best online reviews and boost their social proof.

By taking the time to investigate any negative reviews and feedback you receive, this can help you to prepare a resolution strategy that's not a band-aid, but a cure. With our reputation management, we will explore the reviews that you've received and focus on the metrics of making your business better. We will also look at your reviews over time and factor in the sites reporting the most reviews and feedback with sentiment analysis and automated reporting. These are all customizable components that can help your business deliver.​

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