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Google Local Service Ads in Lehigh Valley

Only pay for qualified leads via phone, message and bookings. Google Local Services Ads are a pay per lead service. Learn more with D Koder Marketing

Google Local Service Ads in Lehigh Valley

Google Local Service Ads are a form of pay-per-lead ad that's part of the Google Suite of products. Being included in these ads is important for service-related companies because it shows that they meet certain specifications set by Google.

How Can Google Local Service Ads Help Companies?

Google Local Service Ads are only available to companies screened by Google. The vetting process includes license, background, and insurance checks. This gives consumers a sense of security knowing that the company has been checked.

These ads appear above the regular organic search results and other Google Ads. The placement on the search engine results page boosts your company above competitors who don't have ads.

Google Search Results and where LSA appears
Google Search Results and where LSA appears

Some companies have the Google Guarantee attached to them. This means that people who book through the ad may receive reimbursement if the service isn't done at the quality it should have.

One Component of Effective Online Brand Awareness

The Google Local Service Ad for your company is only one component of an effective online brand awareness campaign. It's a springboard to get potential customers to call, book, or message your business about your services offered.

Creating a comprehensive online brand campaign helps to boost your business. Working with our experts takes the guesswork out of this process. Contact our professionals to learn how we can help you improve your online marketing strategy.

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