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Google Business Profile Recovery Services in Lehigh Valley

Unable to recover your administrator account through the automated self-recovery flow? Don't worry D Koder Marketing can assist with your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Recovery Services in Lehigh Valley

Google Business Profiles are a free service offered by Google that allows you to add your business information to the Google Business Profile database.

A suspended business will not show up as a search result for its name or any variation of it. If someone searches for your business online and sees nothing, they might assume that your business has closed down or moved locations. This could lead them to go elsewhere instead of coming into yours.

Causes of Google Business suspension

Google Business profile suspension is a form of penalty that can be imposed on a website by Google. Google Business suspension can occur if your profile violates Google's quality guidelines and standards, which includes technical errors and other factors.

The most common causes of having your Google Business profile suspended is failing to provide a correct phone number, address verification or moving the pin to often in short amount of time. The phone number you provide will be used by Google to call youabout updating your listing, unless you checkmark this in the profile for Google automation to not call you.

Keep your site active

It's important to keep your site active so that customers can find you online. If you don't have a Google Business Profile, you will show up lower on search engine rankings and won't be able to respond to reviews and messages directly from your listing.

When you need an expert in Google Business Profile suspension, reach out to an expert like D Koder Marketing.

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