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Conversion Rate Optimization Services in Lehigh Valley

D Koder Marketing provides small medium size business conversion rate optimization (CRO). If you're wondering the best way to increase your online sales, contact us.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services in Lehigh Valley

Is your traffic increasing and your lead intake staying flat?

As a small business operator, you understand that a sale isn't closed until the register is rung up with a sale and you are paid for your goods and services. Knowing what motivates your potential customers is critical to understanding and surmounting any buyer objections.

While this task is (relatively) easy when operating a brick and mortar establishment, it becomes markedly more difficult to discern why you lost a sale on the internet. In fact, without the proper tools, you probably might even not know that lost customer was even a potential customer.

Clearly, this is a problem. What led that customer to your site in the first place, and far more importantly, why didn't you grab their attention before converting their interest in your wares to a sale?​

These questions, and more, can be answered through conversion rate optimization services, designed to turn over the rock of online buyer behavior, which can help unlock the secrets of online customer concerns and failures to respond to your website.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is designed to increase the percentage of customers who visit your website, and then convert them to paying, satisfied customers.

As such, CRO involves interpreting the actions of site visitors throughout their interaction and making incremental changes and improvements based on data gathered from users. Once gathered, this data is out through vigorous A/B testing and multivariate examinations that aim to improve customer interaction through detailed analytics that can be mapped and analyzed.

​Think of it like this, everyone tinkers to build a better mouse trap, but no one wants to reinvent the wheel in the process. Conversion rate optimization services charts what you have that works, and more importantly what is not working on your website.

When a disgruntled customer wanders up to the register at a brick and mortar establishment, you have an array of options open to attempt to save the situation. Indeed, reading body language, noticing mannerisms, and engaging in a helpful dialogue can often retrieve a deteriorating situation that leads to a happy customer.

You have no such options when the customer appears and vanishes on your site in the blink of a digital eye. CRO services provide a step by step evaluation of every move visitors makes from the moment they click in to the moment they exit your site.

Evaluating those habits and movements allows insight that can be tested and acted on to achieve superior sales goals.

We Can Help with Conversion Rate Optimization Services

If you are looking to ramp up your online sales performance, call us to help with your conversion rate optimization services. We can answer all your questions, but you have to ask yourself an honest question. Is your Call-to-Action button working for you?

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