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Best Local SEO Services in Lehigh Valley

Increase your Share of Local Voice by hiring D Koder Marketing to perform Local SEO Services for your Company.

Best Local SEO Services in Lehigh Valley

Ranking in the local pack is easy; just need to know the right techniques

Local pack SEO marketing refers to specific approaches to marketing and search engine optimization that are designed to get your business listed in the coveted ‘local pack’ or ‘3-pack’ at the top of Google search results. The local pack is a listing of three local companies relevant to the search, determined by a combination of traditional SEO factors and factors unique to the local pack.

Why Local SEO is Important?

Many customers stop without going any further than these featured companies, making it extremely important for modern online marketing for any business focused in a particular locality. In any market where a local pack exists for a particular search term, it’s imperative that you get your company on there; sitting at the top of the organic search results without a local pack listing makes your listing the fourth real listing a customer sees - and you may be further down than that after advertisements.

👉 Increase Phone Calls

Providing a tracking number to measure results and unitilizing 100% of the tools providing by Google and Bing to increase phone calls.

👉 Increase Local Trust

Providing posts, photos and gathering reviews from customers to build trust with potential customers.

👉 Rank Monitoring

We monitor and manager your local rankings for your locations and examine your competitors in detail.

In the past, it wasn’t as critical to emphasize local SEO, but changes in search habits, the shrinking of the local pack from seven listings to three and the increasing competitiveness of local SEO listings make it more important than ever that you invest in proper optimization. Even if customers hear about your company some other way, not having a listing in the local pack reduces your authority and name recognition and creates an inferior customer experience.

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