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Amazon Advertising Agency in Lehigh Valley

Increase customer awareness with online and tv streaming advertising solutions that help you find, attract, and engage customers on and off Amazon with video and display.

Amazon Advertising Agency in Lehigh Valley

In 2023, Amazon Prime Video had over 250 million subscribers, bringing in over $31 billion in revenue. Strategically placed advertisements make brands visible to millions of people. Some are so subtle that consumers don't realize that they're viewing ads. Instead, they see a new movie, show or product that looks appealing.

The Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP) allows businesses to air Amazon TV streaming video ads. Talk to an Amazon advertising agency about adding video ads to your campaign.

What is Amazon DSP Advertising?

Amazon DSP advertising appears throughout Prime Video. You see ads when you scroll through TV shows, subscribe to new channels, watch Twitch streams or browse a mobile app. Amazon has strict requirements for each advertisement. When they accept your ad, you'll promote yourself to a global or targeted audience.

Prime Video Ads

Prime Video's advertisement options include:

  • Feature Rotator. These ads take up most of the screen. When customers access your content, the trailer starts playing in the space automatically. Viewers can switch to another feature or watch the full trailer.

  • Sponsored Tiles. Your ad appears in the row just like a regular movie or TV show tile. Viewers can hover over the tile as they scroll through their options. Paid tiles appear in a separate row marked "Sponsored."

  • Sponsored Channels. These channels appear alongside each customer's subscriptions with the "Sponsored" label. Viewers can subscribe or start a free trial in minutes like a regular channel.

Highlight one program, or promote your entire channel to maximize your views.

Amazon TV Streaming Video Ads

Amazon TV ads are non-skippable commercials that play while viewers stream movies, TV shows and live events. You can share up to 30 seconds with targeted audiences. Unlike online ads, TV commercials don't have interactive buttons, so you'll need a direct call to action.

Online ads play when customers stream videos online. Your ad can last from six seconds to one minute. Tell viewers about your business in detail, or grab their attention with a short burst. Shorter videos often drive sales because they quickly get the point across.

Display Ads

Display ads appear on Amazon and related sites, such as IMDb. Your static ad or banner can appear on full-size browsers and mobile apps. The size that you choose determines the ad's placement, which displays alongside relevant content to drive sales.

Benefits of Advertising with Amazon

Amazon has one of the biggest audiences on the planet. You'll potentially reach millions of people and become a major industry player--after all, you can afford to work with Amazon. Reach out to discuss your upcoming campaign.

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