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  • Search Engine Optimization


    Need your business viewed by more potential customers? Get near and far search engine optimization services by D Koder Marketing who will strategically develop a plan to get your web page on the first page of major search engines that will result in more targeted traffic. We build trust with audiences through SEO. 

  • Local SEO & Map Pack Ranking


    Want to see real change? Let D Koder Marketing introduce your business to the 3 wise ones; these 3 wise ones receive more calls, more in-store visits, more direction requests and MORE website visits than the... well... not so wise ones. Hire us for local seo services.

  • Video


    Video SEO is a fantastic return on your investment. We have ranked videos from 5 years ago that are still delivering 1,000+ views per month in the first position. If you have videos of projects, commercials, interviews etc. please give a chance to prove video is a high ROI.

  • Site Audit
    Starting at $200


    Providing in-depth site audits starting at $200, but will provide a quick audit for free. We will audit your site and email you a summary. If you have questions or concerns on next steps we will consult with you.

  • Content


    You have started your "widgets" business, and you are preparing to launch your online presence when it occurs to you that you know a lot more about making "widgets" than you know about doing internet "stuff" - That's the time you turn to us! Let us write your SEO content.