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When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO for your website, valuable content is king. What that means is what you include on your landing pages can help to increase your search engine ranking. To better understand your SEO and increase your search engine results pages, or SERPs, you want to include relevant data, keywords and links. That way when Google acknowledges your SERPs, this can help increase your search engine placement. There are a lot of great ways that you can do this including through product reviews, blogs and services that your business offers.

Why Your Website's SEO Matters: Content is King


If you're wondering why your SEO didn't work in the past, it may be that you didn't commit enough time to it or factor in the right keywords or the correct number of campaigns. This is the only way that you can deliver optimized and increased rankings. It's not an overnight process which unfortunately leaves a lot of small- and mid-sized businesses at a loss because they don't have the time it takes to focus on dedication, expertise and planning.


That's where D Koder Marketing can help.

You don't say...

How D Koder Marketing Can Help


At D Koder Marketing, our professional team of marketing managers and writers will focus on developing the proper SEO content that your business needs. This can improve your search rankings, increase your return on investment, (ROI), and keep your business aligned with your future goals.

The Best Writing Team

We have spearheaded a successful and strategic client-side approach to SEO optimization, providing our clients with high-quality content that is professionally written. Benefits include:

  • Increase our clients Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP) rankings

  • Improving conversion rates

  • Helping our clients answer their potential customers questions


With consistent content that delivers and maximizes search engine rankings, our expert writing team specializes in marketing to improve performance.

Would you like a SEO Audit?

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Have you every ran a site audit to see what you could be possibly missing on your pages? If you didn't, run a site audit for free by placing your details above. We also provide an in-depth audit starting at $200.00; ask us for a site audit quote. That's where D Koder Marketing comes in. 
By boosting your SEO rankings with DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google, Foursquare, YouTube and more, this can help potential customers to find your business. Some people think they can do this by getting a free trial of Google Ads – and that's a great start, but if you don't know about strategic SEO ranking or the exact keywords you should be using, you might make common mistakes with your Bing & Google Ads account. Sometimes people create more than one account or they don't map out relevant terms and wording they should be using.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is designed to help draw traffic to your business.

If You've Ever Said, "We've Had a Lot of Traffic But No Buyers," Keep Reading…


This can be done with onsite and offsite optimization tools and analytics. With our great SEO auditing tools, we offer great benefits like:

  1. A Streamlined Strategy to Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

  2. Keyword Research, Analysis and Regular Reporting

  3. Better Brand Awareness and Consumer Trust

  4. A Focused Long Term Strategy with Link Building

  5. Landing Page Content and Updates

  6. Month to Month Service with a 30-Day Cancellation Notice

  7. Google Map/Local Pack Ranking Strategy

  8. No Lengthy Contracts or Hidden Fees

Better Solutions for Your Business

Whether you are looking for SEO Company for your small business, or you're looking for general online marketing tips, our goal is to help you streamline things like your keywords and target audience to help boost your Local Pack SEO rankings. Local and new businesses can also benefit from this as they may be unsure about search rankings and how to perfect this.
Have you had a problem with high traffic and no sales? What about abandoned carts? One of the reasons that D Koder Marketing can help is we understand analytics and other specific areas that can help with rankings, but to start the process, we need to take a look at your site to see the problems you're having.