World Password Day

Happy Password Day!

Remember World Password Day

Well, we have over 1500 passwords and we cannot pay someone to change them because then they would know them haha.

Be sure to use numbers and symbols in your passphrase.

Here are a list of the worst passwords to use because hackers are using common terms to break into accounts online because they know many people are using those easy-to-remember words.

  • 123456 (over 150,000 Americans use this six digit password LOL)

  • Password

  • 12345678

  • qwerty

  • 12345

  • 123456789

  • letmein

  • 1234567

  • football

  • iloveyou

  • admin

  • welcome

  • monkey

  • login

  • abc123

  • starwars

  • 123123

  • dragon

  • passw0rd

  • maste

  • hello

  • freedom

  • whatever

  • qazwsx

  • trustno1

  • stayout

  • Newuser

So the next time you use an online services that force you to adopt to a more complex and hard-to-remember passwords you are decreasing your changes of being hacked. 

Enjoy your day and read Dilbert's Best and D Koder Marketing's favorite cartoon comic...


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