Why SEO is Critical in the Lehigh Valley

Updated: May 3, 2020

While you might not realize it, search engine optimization (SEO), is critical in the Lehigh Valley. As one of the fastest growing regions in Pennsylvania, having optimized landing pages and effective ads, can help you reach clients ready to shop with your business right now. Whether through online ad campaigns, marketing print ads, radio, TV or billboards the new era sees and hears, but mainly searches. If you've worked with a SEO company in the past or local SEO services, this article can help you better understand why SEO is so critical in the Lehigh Valley, PA area.

Why SEO is important in the Lehigh Valley PA
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You might think the first thing we're going to tell you is to look at Google Analytics. Although an excellent analysis tool, that's not where you should focus your attention or why SEO is critical in the Lehigh Valley. Let's start with the customers - - mainly the 360,000 potential customers in the Lehigh Valley...

1. The Lehigh Valley is the fastest growing region in PA

Growth in the Lehigh Valley has climbed a lot since the 2010 census data. Adding an additional 14,000 residents in the last few years, some migrants are moving to the area because of the close proximity to stores and medical facilities. There's a rise in immigrants to Lehigh from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, as well as from South and Central America.

As it relates to demographics, there is a mix of seniors and baby boomers who are drawn to this area. Lehigh had just over 360,000 total residents in 2015. There is a strong demand for ethnically diverse schools, jobs, affordable housing and even tenants rights. As businesses grow in the area, they are offering more job training to hire the right employees and not exploit low-skilled workers.

Top reasons to work and live in the Lehigh Valley include:

  • Location is a top factor. The Lehigh Valley is about 90-minutes from New York and there is ample public transportation in the area including 3 international airports, waterway ports, and the railway and road access.

  • The area is also very affordable with the cost of doing business low in the Northeast section. There are also incentives like low interest programs for businesses. With skilled labor and industrial sites that permit foreign trade zone status, there are also international opportunities.

  • With over 50,000 students, the area has its share of talent to choose from.

  • The Lehigh Valley also offers diverse schools, arts, culture, live music, professional sports, affordable housing, and recreation.

Tips: Given the large increase in migrants and immigrants to the area, local businesses may want to gear their ads around these growing populations and understand that having a solid web presence is key for the new searches in the area.

Consider ads in English and Spanish and consider the growing elderly population with large font bilingual ads, signage and billboards.


Lehigh Valley Immigration Top 5 Reasons to Choose Lehigh Valley

2. New Behaviors & New Styles

Now that you have a little information on the Lehigh Valley and were able to evaluate its popularity, let's look at how SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) can help. In order to best use this, we're going to tie in Google Trends. This is an easy to view search query to help you understand how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. When you use Google Trends, it will give you the interest of search terms people are using. In this example we used "Lehigh Valley" and "Lehigh Valley PA."

Google Trends is not another keyword tool

If you look up library and librares, while one is misspelled, if it's a common search it will come up in Google Trends. The tool is designed to give you the most popular search terms for a specific area, so don't be alarmed if you see a graph with the trend going down, it's just showing the popularity of searches. We've included a link here to help you see what it looks like. In the link, just scroll down to the third screen 'Related Searches' for Lehigh Valley. So what does this mean to you?

"Just Google it…"

When you tap into SEO and PPC for your business, it can help you to strategically gear your ads around "exactly" what people are searching for. Let's look at an example. Have you ever gone on vacation and not known where anything was located? You probably did a Google search for nearby restaurants when you got hungry and you smiled when you saw those little blue location icons suddenly pop up – like they were telling you, "5-minute ride away for pizza," or "Walking distance for Chinese food." That's what your business can do with SEO and PPC. Because people are learning about the Lehigh area, they will do a search to find an available business and it will lead them to your business.

Tips: Do a search for your business online and see who your competitors are. To optimize your location searches, Contact D Koder Marketing now.


Google Trends

See Interest over time on Google Trends for Lehigh Valley, Lehigh Valley PA - Pennsylvania, 2004 - present - https://g.co/trends/sHNiD

3. Two Places We Live (on the road and in our phones)

Google said it best - "we do not go on our phones; we live on our phones" but when we are not engaged with the phone we are doing other things - should be doing other things, like driving and while you are driving around the Lehigh Valley; the other thing that is constant is Billboard advertising.

Frequent reminders that we pass can help to remind the consumer of what they want and need. Billboard advertising is still a great way to promote a business and it's a lot like remarketing, so if you are not building lists, give us a call, but these are two powerful media sources when used together.

We've included a great link to Adams Outdoor Billboard Ads. Take a look at these eye-catching ads. With over 360,000 people in Lehigh Valley, you want your business to stand out just like these! Then you want to take an ad like them and use it for remarketing purposes. When you're ready to work on marketing techniques, call D Koder Marketing at (484) 866-6882.


Adams Outdoor

4. Let's Not Focus On Google Algorithms

And you thought we would have a whole section on Algorithms. Nope. We know data analysis isn't fun. That's why we want you to focus on your customers. Given that we know the area has a large migrant and immigrant population, we want you to help educate your customers about your products and services. Consider the following tips to help:

Use English and Spanish versions of your ads, which brings more new business: A little split A/B testing might help.

Use larger fonts and give tips in a simple, easy to use format as there are people from various places who may have a language barrier or trouble seeing small fonts. Google recommends that your text font be at least 16px (pixels).

Consider referral based incentives and giveaways. This can draw new consumers in and they can bring a friend or relative for a discount.

5. Small Business Focus / Big Store Marketing

Residents in the Lehigh Valley all have one thing in common. They are looking on their smartphones, tablets or desktops for new products and services. The problem is they can't find you if your business website is not optimized for the terms you want to be found with. Even if you are a start-up business, let us help you get the big box store SEO optimization. That way you can get your business found. As the Lehigh Valley is growing and expanding - so will you.

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