The Ultimate Internet Marketing Question of 2017

Updated: May 3, 2020

Here is 5 Questions Marketers Should Ask in 2017 think with Google 

To be straight with you - I labeled this the Ultimate Internet Marketing Question of 2017, but truthfully it has been asked over and over for the past decade. I also wanted to grab your attention because it's a funny video clip and relates to search engine optimization.

Think you know what the question is?

A big part of my career involves challenging misconceptions that people have about internet marketing. I have heard a lot of different questions, but this question Barbara asks takes the cake. Watch this six second video clip:

"The answers you get are based off the questions you ask." 

Here's the deal:

I enjoy watching Shark Tank on ABC as there is great value of information that is provided from both the investors and the inventors of all industries. 

Internet marketing industry particularly moves fast and is filled with a lot of bull shit. There are many people competing for your marketing dollars, and often they’ll sell you services that you think you need – even if they won’t produce the results you need.

Bottom line...

Most business owners do not see, hear or get their website analytics, so questions like the one in the video are meaningless and a waste. As you can see, from Mark Cubans expression in the video the answer was, well, lets just say not the answer they were looking to get.

Questions like "do you have an idea where you rank?" and statements like I did not find you when I searched for "plumbing contractors in [area]" is old. Sales people - find a new tactic and business owners - stop falling for the scare tactics.