Improve Your Mobile Search Strategy "Near Me"

Updated: May 3, 2020

Improve Your Mobile Search Strategy Near Me
D Koder Marketing Mobile Search Strategy Near Me

When creating your micro-moments marketing strategy, a good idea is to begin with searches that are mobile centric. Because you want a killer mobile strategy, it helps to know where to begin. We all know that mobile is changing our daily lives, our banking and shopping decisions and how we make daily decisions.

Smartphones are the new computers and include most of our daily tasks on them. They are connected to us from the time we get up in the morning until the end of the day. Smartphones are at all the critical junctures of our micro moments and they are big influences.

Small businesses should be trying this angle whether it's for products or services that they offer…

For marketers, that means a ton of exciting possibilities and great ways to reach your consumer market. One place to start helping you reach your target audience is with searches that are mobile centric. Searches are now taking place about 3/4 of the amount of time that we're online via mobile devices. Queries such as these can help to give strategic insight into what your audience is looking for on their smartphones and help you to meet their expectations. You can also tap into how to win them over by giving them useful information they can use right now. That means no fluff.

Mobile searches account for about 90% of searches that are considered "near me" and this is growing at a rate of almost 150% year over year.

Think With Google Mobile Search Facts
Near Me Mobile Search Facts

What is the Benefit to Using a Mobile Centric Search?

To understand a consumer's intent and context, we have to be in the now and give useful data that's relevant. When you tailor your ads with things like location through context and intent signals, this can provide tailored to-the-point answers for your consumer in that micro moment.

Take for example a "near me" search for a coffee bar. These searches are growing well over 100% year over year and are the most common on mobile devices. With mobile comprising almost 90% of these "near me" searches, this can help you especially if you work in the service industry. What you're actually seeing are queries that are mobile centric. They're saying "I want to go…" and this can be crucial business for nail salons, spas, banks, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that may be in their immediate area. That's another great reason that when using ppc, near me searches should not be overlooked.

Location, Location, Location…

With "near me" searches, your business can benefit from traffic that's in your area, especially via mobile devices like smartphones. People who are looking for your products and services can find you. These aren't random people. These are shoppers who are ready to spend money on your products and services. When consumers turn to smartphones in this manner, it's considered one of the highest returns on investment, ROI, because they are ready to make a purchase now.

There are other types of mobile centric searches and we will explore these next.

From Sites to Store: Make "I Want to Go…" Work for Your Business

With the rise in searches based on location, make sure your business is ready with these examples…

Auto Industry

You can probably assume that more than likely an auto related search is for shoppers looking for car deals, repair services or gas stations. The actual focus is slightly different based on mobile centric attributes geared around the auto industry.

  • Autos for Sale (This can include "Mercedes Benz for sale")

  • Auto Prices (An example would be "Jeep Wrangler prices")

  • Auto Dealerships (This might include "Range Rover truck dealership locations")

This is typically what is seen when people shop for vehicles as they may look at price, cost comparisons and dealerships to test drive a vehicle and see it in person.

Don't let the small size fool you…

Between 2014 – 2015 luxury car searches went up almost 100%. While you might think that shoppers won't be on smartphones, on the contrary, some of the biggest luxury car purchases are made from mobile centric smartphone searches. That might include that hedge fund manager, that business owner taking a lunch break or ready to make a big ticket purchase.

To better assess if these are window shoppers or actual buyers, refer to a tool such as Google Analytics that can give more color to the intent of this particular market. That way you can alter a response that will reach them based on the intent of their purchase.

Ready to increase your ROI?

Think With Google Mobile Shopping Facts
Using Mobile Phones for In-Store Purchases


When searching for hotels, you might likely assume that this can cover a wide selection from mom and pop motels to luxury 5-star resorts for business travelers on holiday.

Hotel News Resource reported that about 75% of bookings made from mobile devices were for check ins that occurred on the same day. Another 68% were for bookings within 2 days.

In targeting hotel searches that are mobile centric, the top themes include:

  • Hotels near me (This can include "Resort hotels near me")

  • Hotels that are cheap (An example might be "Best hotels in Daytona")

  • Hotel price (This might be "Motel price" or "Luxury hotel")

This is by far one of the best "near me" searches that has a proven return on investment. That's because when people search for "near me", they are looking to make a purchase to secure a hotel room now with check-in today.

In the same token, when looking at the "I want to go…" this translates to "I want this now and I'm paying for this now." Monetize on that…

For marketers ready to reach this target audience, let us help you monetize these searches now.

What Marketers Should Do Now

These examples are to show you that the mobile trend is growing quickly and you want to capitalize on it. Use the examples that we've given to tailor and streamline your ads to meet your specific niche market and don't overlook the ROI value of "near me" smartphone customers searching for you.

Your mobile centric search can help optimize your ads, site and landing pages to reach the right audience so you can take advantage of those micro moments and draw in new customers who are ready to make purchases now. Optimize these criteria to help you reach customers who are saying "I want to go…"

Use these tips to help streamline searches that are mobile centric:

  1. Consider how customers will search in a mobile centric way for your business: This may require a little brainstorming and tweaking your Google Adwords. You may also want to use Google Analytics to help ensure all your site information is accurate, there are no dead links, outdated data, or information that is incorrect such as address misspellings. You want to help solve the problem your customer has as they reach out to you on their smartphone.

  2. Visualize and Mobilize: Because your customers are on smartphones or other mobile devices, get on your smartphone or other device and walk through trying to find your products or services. Have someone else do it, too so you understand any errors that come up or problems you encounter. Also keep track of the sites that do come up before your business does so you can take advantage of the next step.

  3. Mirror the Influences: Knowing your competition is crucial. If they're running ads to get your customers in, you should be running ads too that are effective. Sites like BuzzSumo are geared around helping you optimize your own ads by sharing content your competitor may have on theirs. See what's trending and the keywords they are using so you can refine your ads. You want your customer to see you ready to meet their need, and you will.

For additional insight and help with micro moments and "near me" searches, let DKM help you. D Koder Marketing (DKM) specializes in SEO Local Pack and SERPs, PPC, SMM and web design to help your business reach the right audience. Contact them today!