How to Use RankBrain SEO

Updated: May 3, 2020

Google is constantly changing their algorithm in an effort to improve their search results for its users. One of their latest algorithm changes is called RankBrain and there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about exactly what RankBrain is and how it works. Therefore, I'm going to go over the basics with you and try to dispel some of its mystery, as well as give you some tips for how you can use it to your advantage.

How to use RankBrain SEO
How to Use RankBrain SEO

What Is RankBrain and What Does It Do?

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence machine-learning system (which is a system where a computer teaches itself how to do things versus using a system of detailed programming) that takes the information it's fed and uses it to help better understand the words, blocks of words and various phrases it has retrieved. After compilation, RankBrain then uses the information it has to help complete and deliver the best possible results for a user's search query. And since Google's entire purpose is to deliver more relevant results, that means it will probably become harder to reach the top three spots on the first page of any given search.

This is because users will likely be more satisfied with the results they've received and won't have a need to search any further down the page.

Does the RankBrain System Change Google's Algorithm?

Technically RankBrain doesn't actually change the algorithm itself; however, it does help Google understand a search query and to determine if it's a current news or trending topic which is an indication of fresh content. And Google loves fresh content and rewards it accordingly.

Does RankBrain Affect Black Hat and Spam Marketing Tactics?

Since no one really knows the exact algorithm Google uses, it's impossible to predict whether or not RankBrain will have an effect on black hat marketing tactics. It's technically not an algorithm specifically designed for eliminating spam marketing. However, with that being said, it does stand to reason that the pure nature of how RankBrain works will probably help to do so anyway since most black hat marketing tactics are performed using junk content and low quality links. However, I would conclude that RankBrain, because of its ability to recognize and assimilate quality content, will probably help eliminate spam content naturally.

Can RankBrain Be Manipulated for Better Rankings?

Technically, no; however, you can structure your content in a way that would make you look like an authority in which Google's RankBrain would recognize and reward you with top rankings. Additionally, if you produce large masses of high quality, laser focused, evergreen content that answers a user's questions effectively while anticipating questions that haven't been asked yet (which will make you the only one with an answer), you could expect to get RankBrain's attention. Because after all, Google's job is to provide its users with the best, most relevant search results possible in response to their queries.

Improving Your Marketing Campaigns

Now that you understand the implications of RankBrain, you can start developing a marketing strategy that will help improve your rankings. That means all your marketing, including your mobile marketing strategies, SMS texts and everything else. This is important because conversion rates for content marketing are about six times higher than those who don't use any type of content marketing at all and the fact that content marketing campaigns cost 62% less than traditional campaigns while receiving about three times more leads. Needless to say, content marketing is important and is very effective at increasing your customer base, as well as your revenue. If you would like more information about implementing an effective content marketing strategy or taking the one you already have to the next level, please contact us today and let us show you how we can help you do just that.