How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rates With This Simple Tool

Updated: May 3, 2020

Increase Website Conversion Rates
Lost, Found, and visitors still Searching - Did they buy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first step in getting your business noticed.


What good is the best SEO if the visitors to your site don't purchase anything or sign up for a subscription?

Conversion rates are key to any successful marketing campaign and there are many tools available to help you track your website conversion optimization.

The Right Tools for the Job

If you are concerned about your conversion funnels and want to see your marketing efforts get both site visits as well as purchases and subscriptions, keep reading.

If you are working on and want to maximize your online results, Lucky Orange is an effective tool for website visitor recordings and it contains a number of helpful heatmap tools for this and other platforms.

Wix Integration

Wix is popular for a lot of different reasons, and the added benefit of the fully integrated Lucky Orange software make it an even better choice. Wix users will enjoy full integration with Lucky Orange uploaded onto the platform directly.

Please note that Lucky Orange tracking software will only work with Premium Wix plans that operate on a connected domain.

We all know that having a website is essential for success in today's market, and Wix allows you to create a brand profile without having to learn how to code and spend hours and hours developing a usable site.

Actionable Data

Of course, once you have your amazing site up and running, you've got to make it work for you.

One of the most beneficial aspects of a strong web presence is the data you are able to collect that offers actionable insight to the behaviors of your potential customers.

Tracking what works and what doesn't when it comes to your site takes a comprehensive software package that does the heavy lifting for you.

There are a lot of options out there, and though some appear better than others, and one that we highly recommend is Lucky Orange.

The compatibility with most site platforms is virtually seamless and the data that it provides is a veritable treasure trove of data and analytics that will help you to continuously improve the user experience of visitors to your site.

Heatmaps and More

Dynamic heatmaps are just one of the features of our favorite analytics software, the aforementioned Lucky Orange.

The data that it mines can show you how to get impressive results with a map that is both fully interactive and very dynamic.

Many site analytic services let you know the number of visitors to your site but stop there.

Lucky Orange takes the useful analytics a step further and lets you know which pages they visited and how much time they spent on the site overall, and when and where they leave.

The point of abandonment is a key metric that can be used to fine-tune the visitor experience. All of this info is pertinent to funnel conversion and can help you improve your overall click-through and conversion rates.

If you are looking to boost the number of subscribers to your site, Lucky Orange can help in this department as well.

There are a number of informative metrics that you can access that will provide insight into your potential client buying/sign up path.

The integration with Wix makes this an asset that should not be overlooked, as the benefits are astounding. Proprietors that are looking to take their sites to the next level can benefit greatly by adding this to their online analytics repertoire.

Dynamic heat maps allow you to know what is and what is not working in real time.

These analytic tools are so effective in helping proactive owners to tailor their marketing campaigns to the exact needs of their target market based on real-time information that allows them to adopt a flexible and dynamic approach to customer conversion.

Conversion funnels are the wave of future business, and it is no secret that you may soon be out of business if you don't convert on a regular basis. This set of analytics will let you know exactly where in the process your potential customer abandons you and will allow you to patch any gaping holes in the process.

Heat map to improve website conversions
Heat map that shows direct click points on the web page sites are reliant upon conversion, and if you are not tracking where you lose your customer, you will not learn where you need to bolster your process.

Lucky Orange provides the necessary insight that allows you to make your site a money-making endeavor rather than a pit stop on a day of web surfing.

If you are looking to build a business by using online platforms, you need to know where your potential clients are abandoning the process; otherwise, you will just be spinning your wheels.

Behavior tags are just one tool with Lucky Orange that can allow you to understand your clients and site visitors more fully. It is with this type of information that you will be able to streamline your process to increase your number of sales or subscriptions. Online based businesses are reliant upon customer interaction data, but many business owners neglect the information and insight that is available to them.

Let Lucky Orange help you to glean all of the actionable information and data from your current visitors and help you to convert them into subscribers and active clients! They can help you find out where exactly visitors lose interest and leave your page.

The ability for the software to recognize the weak spots in the process—and allow you to correct them—is an invaluable tool that will help you increase your conversion rates.

Today's technology allows business owners to access an enormous amount of information, but it's what is done with such data that is important. Utilizing the most effective and comprehensive tools that are available can help to grow your web presence and overall business in a more sustainable manner.

Don't underutilize your analytics, and the proper use of this key information can make a sizeable difference in the success of your business!

Get Started and test it out on your website today and let us know if you need help!