How To Find Your SEO Hero As A Small Business or Starting Out

Updated: May 3, 2020

Small Businesses Hiring the right SEO Hero
D Koder Marketing helping you find your SEO heros

Everyone should have an SEO Hero. Here's why...

Superheroes help people in a good way. They have stealth-like moves just like an SEO hero has stealth-like tactics. You know, faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap over tall buildings. But let's admit it, kryptonite can zap a superhero's strength. In the same way, bad keywords or broken links can zap your SEO campaign. So let's explore what it takes to be an SEO hero...

Introducing Your SEO Hero

Want to know what it takes to be an SEO Hero?

Well for starters, get out your cape and mask and let's explore the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Companies all over the world spend millions on advertising every year for SEO making it hard for the little guy.

For small and new businesses, websites need to be optimized to guarantee they will show up in Google searches for potential customers.

But for these small and new businesses, understanding SEO and the rules for Google ads, analytics and data analysis can be tricky.

That's where we come in!

SEO Hero to the rescue…

Whether you are new to business and marketing or you've tried your hand at Google ads, getting your campaigns right is just the start.

Your SEO will help with search rankings and it doesn't take a big budget to go faster than a speeding bullet.

You just need the right key words and other pointers that can help with increasing your rankings.

Google is the Daily Planet that reports all the news and they can also help people find you when they're doing a search online. That's why it's important to know where you rank. Is your business on the first page? The 5th? Do you know? Not to worry. We're here to save the day!

SEO-Heroes versus SPAM-villains

Who do you want on your side?

SEO-heroes come in many shapes and sizes. They usually entail an internet marketing strategy that can include mail marketing, pay per click, social media and other factors to help draw traffic to a business.

The more traffic that's drawn to a business, the more its noticed and the more Google notices and increases the search rankings.

As you increase your readers and followers, this will draw more business to your pages and that means more potential customers. Keep in mind though, that anyone can create a webpage, but it takes a strategy to help with rankings.

Yeah, a little x-ray vision goes a long way! That's why your rankings need to be strategic.

Strategy saves the day...

If you're thinking that with a little homework and a few reference articles you can build a great site and have it rank as #1 by copying another site, it doesn't work that way.

A lot of new and small business owners have tried this, but you have to know and play by the rules with Google.

Internet strategies have to be very specific to meet Google's search requirements.

There are also algorithms that come into play.

Your algorithm is the parameter where searches will give you the best rankings based on specific key words over time. Initially you could add a key word search for something like "red shoes" and get back a few hits, but now, there are millions or billions of hits that can come back.

Google has also changed the search algorithms and they do this hundreds of times a year. That means that simple site you wanted now requires the know how to defeat your toughest opponents - the spamvillains.

So let's get our capes on and take a look at the spamvillains.

We Need a Hero: Help to Defeat the SPAM-villains

Your spamvillains are the problems that businesses face when they set up internet SEO campaigns.

These can include broken links, spam, outdated information, and several other bad guys that can bring your business to a standstill.

Let's take a look at an example, outdated information.

If you have a site set up that you want local customers to visit, ideally you want to give your business address, a detailed map and a link with Google maps so they can find you right away.

You also want to ensure you have the right hours listed and the correct phone number.

It's amazing how many internet marketing companies say they update their customers Google My Business accounts yet so many businesses were open on Christmas Day...hmm?

As more people are on their smartphones and shopping locally, if they are on their smartphone, chances are they are driving and want to come to your destination - now!

So, damnit make sure your hours are correct! Batman doesn't like false signals!

If you've moved and didn't update your business address - guess what?


Bam! Right in the kisser!

Spam-villain: 1 SEO Hero: 0. Yeah, we don't like that score either so let's look at a few options to help you maximize your listings and get them right - every time!

Check it out...

SEO Hero Tool Belt: Here's What You'll Need

Your SEO Hero toolbelt is important.

  1. Wonder Woman had a lasso.

  2. Batman had the bat mobile.

  3. Spiderman had web slinging action.

Your SEO Hero has a few tricks up their sleeve, too.

The SEO Hero tool belt is packed with 3 essential tools that can help you defeat any spam-villain. So let's take a look at these vital and super-important tools. Pun intended!

SEO Hero #1: Keywords

Let's face it... keywords are like fuel and without it you go nowhere.

Whether you sell products or a particular service, your keywords matter. Key words are the search words that people use to find you.

Remember how we mentioned "red shoes" in the example earlier? If you sell red soccer sneakers for athletes, that's completely different from red shoes for your child's Barbie Doll. That means that the search keywords need to be very specific because people will search based on what they're shopping for.

Google knows this so they look at the top searches and give you an idea of how to word your keywords to draw the most business to your site.

But another supervillain to be on the lookout for, the keyword stuffer.

Spamvillain: The Keyword Stuffer

Keyword stuffing is when you add so many keywords hoping to increase your search rankings that you stuff the words in your description, blog or article.

Google is aware of this and it can work against you. It also confuses potential customers because your text may not flow clearly.

SEO Hero #2: Links

Links are a great way to optimize your SEO.

They're a big part of the internet strategy because you can share a clickable item that people want to see.

Your link can open to another page, a website, or a funny video about a business owner explaining their page rank in the search engines that make people laugh and they want to share it with others!

Backlinks also work well as these are external links that will are on another website and will direct traffic to your site.

How does this work?

If you post a review on Trip Advisor about a trip you had where you used the special self-warming gloves that you sell on your site, this is a backlink because people can click on it and go to your site for the special deal you have on ski season, self-warming gloves.

These links are important because they can help with search rankings. But look out for the spamvillain here, the link loader.

Spamvillain: The Link Loader

A real spamvillain to an SEO campaign is the link loader.

This can come from adding too many links on a page where it makes potential customers confused or the page is too distracting so they close out.

You can also make the mistake of adding too many backlinks where you pay to have sites add them for you and this doesn't sit well with Google and can hurt your campaigns and search rankings.

SEO Hero #3: Content

One of the greatest SEO-Heroes on a site has to be content.

  • How entertaining is your site?

  • Do you have articles for people to read?

  • Are there deals?

  • Pop-ups with an email sign-up and a cool offer?

  • Are your images optimized and relevant?

  • Seasonal?

Just be sure you avoid the spamvillain lurking on your pages, the content killer.

Spamvillain: The Content Killer

You'll know the content killer when you see it.

Click on a page that has too many images or is so busy you don't even know where to begin. This is an instant content killer because it can turn a potential customer off if the page isn't clear and easy to read/navigate.

You can also make the mistake of having misspellings or content that's too generic that your potential customers don't identify with it.

Huge no-no.

Your goal is to have really good content that your potential customer wants to see and the longer they stay on your pages, the more they'll want to shop.

That's where your SEO Hero comes in because your marketer is an expert at making your landing pages stand out.

They can also monitor your pages to see how much time potential customers are spending on your site and which pages they're gravitating to so they can duplicate those pages.

As you can see, as it relates to the world of being a superhero, the SEO Hero is a life saver and by hiring an experienced SEO Hero, you can defeat the supervillains and optimize your pages.

Before you know it, you'll be soaring to new heights so let's help save the world one SEO campaign at a time!

When you need help with your SEO Hero campaign for consultation assistance, aggressive SEO campaigns and help with penalty recovery, contact the DKM Agency.

The DKM Agency specializes in all types of SEO marketing, PPC and other fantastic ways to optimize your pages and increase your search rankings. Don't fight the spamvillains alone. Hire an SEO Hero who specializes in proven techniques to increase your rankings and get a better return on your SEO campaign investment for total SEO Hero awesomeness!

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Up, up and away!