How Do I Use Google My Business?

Updated: May 3, 2020

How do I Use Google My Business
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If you’re new to Google My Business, then you might be wondering how to get started. Or, maybe you are wondering what is Google My Business website and you did a search for “How do I use Google My Business?” This helpful guide will walk you through the various aspects of Google My Business. You’ll learn how to get started, add users, and change location information. Other helpful areas include tips on how to respond to customer reviews and how to add images and photos to showcase your products and services.

Here’s all you need to know about Google My Business and included are the Google links for additional information:

Determine if My Business is Eligible to Be on Google Maps

In order to list your business on Google My Business, there are a few guidelines that Google has established. Google wants to ensure your business is consistent with signage, branding, stationery, customer service, and how you describe your business products and services.

Note: Online-only businesses are not eligible for Google My Business listings.

Eligible businesses need a physical business location where customers can interact with them in-person. There are a few exceptions for kiosks, mail drop boxes, and ATMs.

Ineligible locations include vacation property rental locations and services, Or, classes that you offer at locations you don’t have the necessary ownership authority to represent.

Because Google has several guidelines that you will need to adhere to, use the link to review ownership and authorized representative guidelines. These can help ensure you adhere to Google guidelines and that you don’t make any violations against Google or other Google My Business owners.

Get to Google My Business to Edit My Listing

Are you ready to attract new customers and clients to your business? If you’re ready to get started with Google My Business, you’ll find it’s easy to start using Google My Business. Not only are the steps simplified, but Google has helpful information that walks you through how to set up your business location and add new users.

When you work with Google My Business, you’ll find that you can help potential customers find your business online. You can add photos and videos and update your location information. This is beneficial for businesses that may have more than one location or more than one user for their account(s).

Your business profile is easy to set up and you can personalize it to showcase products and services. You can even show new offers from your business and respond to reviews and feedback. Need help? Contact us or Google at (844) 491-9665 for assistance.

Navigate Through Google My Business

Google makes it easy to use Google My Business and navigate any changes that you need to make. As a business owner or manager that uses Google My Business, the steps and tips available can help you navigate tasks in Google My Business.

When you’re ready to start using Google My Business, you can select from the Get Started topics. These can help you with learning the basic features in Google My Business and exploring new features as they become available.

Other helpful topics that you’ll find include:

  • Verify Your Business.

  • Update Your Business Info on Google.

  • Engage with Customers.

  • Manage Listings in Bulk.

  • For Agencies.

  • Policies and Guidelines.

At any point, if you find you need help, use the available Search Bar located at the top of the page to type in the area where you might need assistance. Then select from the recommended options that appear from Google.

Hide My Address from Public View

Do you want to edit your service area? Google My Business makes it easy to make changes to your business service area. This ensures customers know the areas you can visit and deliver to based on city, zip code or region. It confirms to customers if you’re nearby or too far from their address.

To add and edit service areas

Go to your Google My Business account and select a location. In the menu, select Info and Edit. You can change the service area, region, zip code or city. Then select Apply.

To remove a particular service area, you can go to your account and use the location you want to remove. In the menu select Info and then select Edit. Select the X near the service area you want to remove. You can remove all service areas by selecting Clear service areas and select Apply to accept the changes.

Add a Manager or Admin to My Listing

Do you want to add new users to your Google My Business account? Owners and managers have different access levels. Only owners can add or remove users. But, managers can remove themselves.

When you’re ready to let other users access your account, you can add users and they can’t view your personal information.

To add or remove new owners or managers

Desktops: In your account, select a location and Users. Select Invite new managers. Enter their details. Select Manager, Owner or Communications Manager and select Invite. To remove them, click a location and Users. Select X to remove them.

Mobile devices: Open your account. Select the 3-dash icon. Click Manage users and enter the person’s details and press +. Assign a role. To remove them, when you select the 3-dash icon, select Manage users and Remove. Select the 3-dots near the name you want to remove and select Remove and OK.

Transfer Ownership of My Page to Someone Else

If you need to transfer ownership of one of your listings, you can do this if you are leaving your business. You can also transfer ownership if you are the owner and want to transfer ownership rights to a manager in your business. This helps if you want someone else to make changes to the account on your behalf.

To help you transfer ownership

Go to your Google My Business account. Select the location where you would like to transfer ownership. Select the Users from the available menu options. You can then select the user that you want to transfer your ownership over to.

Next, select the box located on the right side where their name appears. Next, click on Primary Owner when you see the drop-down menu. This will appear only when you are the owner of the listings. Select Done and your transfer of ownership will be complete.

Recommend What Photo Shows First in Google Search

Videos and photos of your business can help potential customers find your location. Your images and video clips can come from you or your customers. When you add photos, they can showcase various products and services.

Photo and video guidelines

Photos should be in JPG or PNG. You can use profile photos to help identify your business in searches. Cover photos can be used as the first image that shows up in searches.

Adding extra photos can help potential customers and clients view your business and learn about your products and services. This may influence them when they shop.

When you add videos, these can be up to 30-seconds in length. File sizes can only go up to 100 MB while your resolution can be 720p or more. Look at sample videos from other similar businesses to help you get an idea of what to use in your own videos.

Reply to My Reviews

With Google My Business, you can read and respond to your reviews. Understanding feedback can help build customer relationships and trust. When people see reviews and “responses from owners” this shows that you’re responsive to customer inquiries.

To help you respond to reviews

  • Be polite and keep responses general. Deal with customer frustrations by apologizing first and then offering a solution. Or, state how you will improve a service.

  • Keep responses short and positive. Take the less is more approach.

  • Be courteous and thank your customers for their reviews. You don’t have to thank every customer but show that you’re responsive and appreciative.

  • Be friendly and don’t push the sales talk. Part of the customer experience (CX) is being helpful, approachable, and identifying with customers.

  • Report and flag any review that you think violates Google’s posting guidelines if you deem them as threatening or harassing.

Contact Another Verified Page Owner

With a Google My Business listing that’s verified, you can request ownership if you’re authorized to manage it.

For storefront listings to contact owners, go to Enter the business name and address. Select it from the results. Select Continue and Request access. Fill out the form. Select Submit. The owner receives an email to contact you. You’ll get a confirmation.

With service-area business listings, follow the steps above. A verification postcard is sent. When completed, a response indicates “owner conflict”. Select Request access. Owners receive an email to contact you. You’ll get a confirmation.

With bulk-verified accounts, follow the instructions above and upload your location data spreadsheet. Open the uploaded information in your account and when you see “owner conflict” select Request access.

Owners have 7-days to respond. You’ll be notified for approvals and denials. If they don’t reply, you can claim the listing by selecting Claim or Verify.

Delete a Page in My Account

Want to remove a location? Google can help you remove locations from your account. They will still appear on Google Search and Maps but will not show up in your Google My Business.

When you have a single listing, you can sign into Google My Business and select Info in the menu options. Then select the option to Remove my listing and click on Delete account.

When you have multiple listings, sign into your account and click on the location that is now closed. Use the toolbar and click Actions and Remove. After reviewing the information, select Remove.

When using the mobile app, it’s not possible to remove your locations. This can only be done from laptops or desktop computers.

To remove locations from Google Maps, go to Maps and find the location. Select Suggest an edit and then select Place is permanently closed and state why. Then select Submit.

Close My Old Location in My Account

Want to remove a location or report a business is closed? You can remove old locations from your account. This helps customers stay up-to-date with your business.

When you have a single listing, sign in to Google My Business. Select Info in the menu options. Then beneath Close or remove this listing, select the option to Remove my listing and click on Delete account.

When you have multiple listings, sign in and click on a location that is closed. Use the toolbar and click Actions and Permanently Closed. If 3-dots appear, select Mark permanently closed.

On mobile, select the location you want to indicate is closed. Click on Profile and select Mark as permanently closed. Then select Yes and Save.

To remove locations from Google Maps, go to Maps and find the location. Select Suggest an edit and then select Place is permanently closed and state why. Then select Submit.

Access My Business Page on a Mobile Device

Google offers a free mobile app called Google My Business to help you manage your business. The free app tool allows you to attract new customers and share up-to-date information with them. It also helps local businesses stand out from competitors.

You can connect with your customers and keep your business up to date in Google searches and on Google Maps. However, some features may not be available on mobile, e.g., location groups (business accounts) or locations that might be within location groups.

About the Google My Business App

  • Manage how your business will appear in Google Maps and Google Searches.

  • Share your images, offers, and events and post business updates.

  • Edit your contact details like your address, business hours, and phone numbers.

  • Monitor how your customers or clients view and interact with your company.

  • Answer questions and respond to messages and reviews from customers.

Report Abusive Robocalls

Have a Google My Business third-party incident you need to report to Google? Google can serve as in intermediary for third-party violations. This applies to any person or organization with a Google My Business account.

To resolve third-party issues, try to work with the third-party on your own and document how you reached out to them. If this doesn’t work, contact Google. They can open a report and work with the third-party. But, you may not know about the outcome.

Note: Google will not intervene for breach of contract.

What you can report?

  • Robocalls or someone claiming your Google My Business as their own.

  • Demands for money or false claims where they state they work with or for Google.

  • False claims about rankings in searches and maps.

  • Harassing or deceptive marketing practices or lack of transparency.

  • Not representing your business details correctly on Google Maps.


Google offers several ways to navigate Google My Business and promote your business. Use the links to explore ways to add images and connect with your customers. Because you can add and remove users and locations, it’s easy to keep your business up-to-date. Don’t forget to let customers know about any new offers and promotions!

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