Google Update - How To Write Great Meta Descriptions

Updated: May 3, 2020

Write the best descriptions for your web pages
DKM has always stated the importance of the Meta Description

If you want website traffic and visits to specific pages, content isn't the only driving factor. Quality content is vital, no doubt. But the best content in the world doesn't do you any good if no one sees it. This issue is best addressed with targeted meta descriptions.

Google "Snippets"

This brings us to the "snippet" in search engine results. Google adds these mini-summaries to links that appear in its search results. These short page synopses are key in getting searchers to click on your link and visit your page. Google pulls snippet information from either the content on your page or the meta description that you add to your html page headers. Previously, there was a third option – DMOZ.

DMOZ was the Open Directory Project that Google used for 10 years as a major source of quality snippets. But DMOZ closed on March 17, 2017. With the elimination of this snippet source, meta description tags have taken on added importance.

The Importance of Meta Descriptions

Without a meta description, you have no real control over what Google displays as a page description in your snippet. The search engine may pull content from your pages that fails to peak interest, losing valuable opportunities to attract visitors. It's truly a waste of your SEO campaign efforts to get your link to appear near the top of relevant search results, only to miss out on visits due to a missing or low-quality meta description.

Write the best description for your web page
How To Write Great Meta Descriptions and Titles

Creating Superior Meta Descriptions

Relevancy, accuracy, solution/benefit language, and brevity are the characteristics of a good meta description. Follow these guidelines to help generate clickthroughs for your page links. SEO BOOK offers a free Meta Description Tool.

Stay under 155 characters to ensure that the entire snippet is easily visible.

Offer a benefit or a solution to your visitor, but be honest about what they will find on your page. In other words, don't make wildly inaccurate claims or promises.

Use active voice and add a call to action whenever possible.

Be sure to create unique, specific meta descriptions for each page on your site. Don't forget to include target keywords and keyword phrases.

Ensure that your SEO efforts include relevant, well-written, individual meta-descriptions for every page of your website with professional content creation. Turn to D Koder Marketing for quality page content that includes descriptive, well-written meta descriptions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.