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Google Business Profile Just Upped the Importance on Posts, Reviews and Questions

Tired of random people answering your potential customers questions?

Well, check out your Google Business Profile listing and you’ll find the Q&A section for the general public has an improvement...

  1. Open a new window and search for your business name

  2. Click on Ask a question

  3. Type in your question and the reviews and posts will populate based on relevance to the searchers question

If you do not have a lot of reviews than you need to start posting updates through Google Posts.

Google’s Q&A

Someone looking for your business on Google might find, “Ask a Question”. The community-based feature lets customers ask your business questions anyone can answer.

For example, you have a rug cleaning business. Someone asks if you clean Persian rugs. A customer might know the answer and reply.

Since anyone can see your Q&A - including competitors, monitor how your brand appears (keep content positive, reduce churning).

Review Management

Google’s review management lets users view reviews that might answer questions if they don’t want to call and ask an employee. They might ask questions in the knowledge panel like “Is there free parking?”. Relevant reviews might include, “Great free parking,” or “Had to park 6-blocks away.”

Tips on Wording Answers

While you can’t control what’s suggested, you can help with common questions.

You also don’t want to leave your Q&A on autopilot. Reviews help with general answers but personalized answers make potential customers feel valued.

A few tips:

Answer specific questions that don’t show up in reviews. For example, a potential patient asks, “Is the doctor friendly?” If you do not have a lot of reviews than answering this through a Google Post will give your searcher the response they are looking for.

Redirect traffic to blog pages. Users might ask, “Do you offer discounts if I bundle insurance?” An insurer might create blog posts on bundling insurance or finding insurance discounts and use a link in their post.

If auto response answers aren’t available, users might submit questions. Respond and introduce yourself.

Address negative Q&As. Let’s say a customer asks about your salon. Another customer mentions a bad experience and hates their new hairstyle. Offer free consultation on a new style. Then mention 10% off for new customers that month. It reduces negative sentiment and shows you’re helping customers find resolutions.

Follow this suggested strategy:

  1. Review questions being asked both on your GBP and on competitor GBPs

  2. Think about the most common questions you get

  3. Don't post questions; just observe the reviews that come up

  4. Think about what your customers really care about. My guess is it's about how you make people feel. To see more repeat business make them feel like superstars rather than morons.

  5. Highlight a few qualities you want reviewers to think about and mention to optimize for the questions.



Google Business Profile Q&A is helpful for potential customers. Keep track of your Q&A and answer questions to guide traffic. Reduce negative sentiment and look for ways to cross-sell services and add SEO links. These can keep customers happy and hopefully, they’ll leave even more positive reviews!

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