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Search engines such as Duck Duck Go, Google, Bing/Yahoo provide search results for those looking seeking answers to their needs. Answers are shown in other content such as local listings, images, or videos and get ranked based on what these Search Engines think is relevant and trustworthy for users to see.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  does not require a payment, like paid search ads do, unless you hire someone to do the work for you. There are an overwhelming amount of SEO tactics a company could try to use to appear higher in the SERPs (search engine result pages), so hiring an SEO company is recommended.

D Koder Marketing provides a timeline with direct SEO strategies. 

At D Koder Marketing, our plans are never consistent because businesses are starting the SEO process at different stages of the timeline. Some websites are rebounding from a penalty and some are trying to avoid sinking from the first position. We put a plan together based on our time for the amount of work that is required. We use the most relevant techniques for your company, while leading Philadelphia SEO strategies, to represent the best practices in our trade.

Would you like a SEO Audit?

D Koder Marketing has the most successful team in the Philadelphia SEO industry. D Koder Marketing strives everyday to exceed your their clients expectations!

DKM has a collection of historical data, testing and experiences to pull from as we build a SEO plan this is stretched or accelerated for your budget. 

Don't choose an Philadelphia SEO Company that provides temporary solutions, like using Black hat SEO tactics, with a long-term price tag. Choose to work with D Koder Marketing instead and receive a sound solution in developing long-term success that will last for years.

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Are you using radio, billboard and TV messages to gather sales? If you are than you know the value of reaching a large broad audience. What would happen if you coupled that strategy with a SEO plan that was specific to a direct audience? You would get listing results for the same key words those customers just read or saw. Why most businesses are starting to see SEO is a true powerhouse method is because when they do the search they have the time to find what they are looking for. Radio, billboard and TV message are a short window of opportunity. The consumer may have only seen the message or the brand, but not always both.

D Koder Marketing puts together a sound SEO plan that focuses on consumers that are searching for your products or services. By building a solid foundation with your customers based on trust, communication and professionalism, we will hone our efforts into securing the answers you want seen. ​

Do not neglect your SEO strategy, especially if you are running traditional ads - boost your organic traffic when hiring D Koder Marketing.

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You must be some what interested if you got this far... right?

Our process is fairly simple, but our priority is knowing where you want to go and be seen while doing it.

We become a family member and and our family starts to analyze your website to gain a better understanding of your fouls and home runs through a website audit.

Because of the website audit, we work through every aspect of your site (need a website?) and organize notes on what needs improving. The fouls that we see are more than just design elements. We are looking at details that search engines use to rank websites, details that maybe other Philadelphia SEO companies over looked.

It is crucial to pay utmost attention to even the most minuscule details when dealing with search engines. Without this, your business could result in lower rankings, decreased site traffic and ultimately, less return to your business.

Some details that we look at, but not limited to are:

  • Meta Tags

  • Alt Tags

  • Page Copy

  • Titles

  • Navigation Structure

  • Duplicate copy

  • Backlinks

  • more and much more...



D Koder Marketing has performed SEO services for large and small companies to even small businesses. We know the dedication it takes when bringing a business online. Request a 15 minute free consultation with David Koder to evaluate your website goals and next steps.