App, Search, Display, Re-marketing, Video... We will reach your audience one way or another and another.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

App, Search, Display, Re-marketing, Video... We will reach your audience one way or another and another.

  • Higher Conversions & No Outsourcing

  • 100% Client Satisfaction Rate

  • 100% Paid Ads Reporting Transparency

  • Get Your Business Online Partner

  • No Term Contracts

New Transparent Campaigns and Increased Traffic


For a lot of business owners, internet advertising can be very complex and overwhelming leading them to seek out help from outside firms. What services do they provide? While many offer a host of services, research studies estimate that top firms can pocket up to 50% of what they are charging their clients. That's not how we want to establish client relationships.

Relevant Campaigns that Increase Traffic

​At D Koder Marketing (DKM), we take a client-side approach to helping our clients with managing their paid online advertising and we don't believe in overcharging. Our rates are transparent and cost effective so clients always know where their money is going.


With D Koder Marketing, our Internet advertising department will work with clients to develop the relevant campaign that will efficiently – and effectively drive traffic based on their budget. With our Google Ads certified team, we will use our industry wide experience to help clients in all industry types to:

  • Target the best keywords for their business

  • Build engaging campaigns and ads based on alpha and beta testing

  • Analyze the research and data analytics to fine-tune ads

  • Apply conversion techniques that include targeted landing pages that will also boost SEO results


These are all ways that we can help to boost SEO results, maximize ad revenue and meet our client's specific needs and business's goals.


Transparent Rates for Increased ROI


D Koder Marketing manages Google Ads campaigns, Bing ads and Facebook ads. Whichever campaign type we run, clients always know how their money is being spent. Rather than billing a flat rate, accounts are set up based on the campaign type and invoiced separately thereby allowing clients to see which ads are effective. By showing transparency with every ad campaign, clients know how their money is being spent and D Koder Marketing can make recommendations based on which campaigns may be doing better.


With powerful analytic data, we can help direct incoming leads, mirror successful landing pages and other techniques to optimize successful campaign techniques and increase ROI. Clients can then clearly see the cost per click through their various campaigns with detailed explanations that will ultimately increase their revenue from new sales.​


See Your Return Immediately​


Try pay-per-click adverting to drive more traffic to your business. It's a great way to streamline traffic and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. With direct targeting, we want you to get clicks that work. Let us show you how we can increase your traffic today. Call us at 610-600-6250 or request a quote by filling out our online form! With over 1,000,000 businesses using search marketing tactics, can you afford not to try?

Top Notch Pay Per Click Search Engine Management Company



One of the top benefits to pay per click (PPC), is that you're targeting customers who are interested in your services or products. It's a cost saving benefit in that customers are clicking on your ads because they want to find out more, as opposed to generic ads that you're billed for even when someone accidentally clicks on your ad.

What will the paid ad look like?


There are different forms of paid ads and how they can be delivered to your chosen device and time preference. When it comes to search the first one or three positions are usually paid ads and the box of ads off to the right, if displayed, are shopping ads. These are all relevant and targeted ads that can bring traffic to your business or site or better yet eCommerce site sales today!

Pay Per Click Ads – Are you Using the Right Keywords?


​A great way to streamline traffic is with a marketing strategy called pay per click (PPC). This is where you only pay when they click on your ad and you can also show ads that will be seen by all the top search engines. With the right key words, your ads will be clicked and this will send more traffic to your business. If you're not sure if your keywords are right, let us know. The proper targeting can drive traffic to your business. Ready to try it? Click here!

How do we find ads that will send traffic to my business?


By targeting the right keywords for your business type through web analytics, this can help to pick keywords that have commercial intent. We can also add in alternative keywords to help draw in more traffic. For example, if you're selling computers, you may use keywords like 'top computers', but you may also want to include 'best computers'. Another area where we can help is through similar ads your competitors might have.


There are other tools that we can use to track your ads and that's the best part, we can keep track of what's working because we can view what people are clicking on and how they navigate your site through analytic software. As we narrow down the type of person, i.e., male, female and the area they live in, i.e., specific state or area code, this can help to streamline your ads and send more business your way.