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QR Code Ideas

Where can I put my QR Codes?

All the Marketing ideas and examples in the world... these magic pics can be printed on small vitamin bottles or printed on road side billboards.

The best part is that we have a way that the QR Codes can be geo tracked when scanned and giving you the ability to retarget the scanner, when the list reaches the minimum that is, for optimial performance on your ad spend.

Let's take the data you paid for and turn it into recurring traffic

When you build it - it does not mean they will visit. Our SEO services take it to the next step by connecting your website to the customers search terms.

QR Code Marketing

Audio QR Codes

If you have something to say, sing, shout or explain you will enjoy MP3 QR Codes. The world is now your audience!

Promote your Real Estates

Create a mobile landing page for your real estates. A potential customer that scans the QR Code next to the property immediately gets all necessary information like photos, price, size and contact details on his Smartphone.

Get Leads & Feedback

Link QR codes to forms that allow you to generate new leads. If a user discloses his contact information, he will receive a link to a voucher, e-book or other exclusive digital content in return by e-mail.

QR Code Marketing
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