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Making Your Message Heard and Seen

It's time to start building an engaged following again, but differently

When every business has a social media account, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. D Koder Marketing customer outreach marketing services combine four different techniques to reach out to customers instead of passively waiting for followers.

D Koder Marketing is providing a new service that pulls 4 different types of marketing together and we are calling it "Direct Engagement." Because posting to social media channels is no longer doing it or small business. Businesses need to build their own customer lists and directly engagement with them. This brings advertising cost down and repeat business up.

We provide a service that helps small medium size businesses do just that. With Email marketing/email automation, Text SMS Marketing, Social Media Postings, and Instagram engagement.

Email Marketing

Engage customers directly with email marketing. When customers sign up for your newsletter, they'll get emails delivered right to their inbox. This reminds them about your business, making them more likely to choose you over a competitor. Even if they don't open every email, they'll still see your name in their inbox, which makes a lasting impression. You'll also build customer loyalty by offering exclusive coupons and letting them know about sales before anyone else.

Text SMS Marketing

Like email marketing, text SMS marketing provides direct reminders about your business. Instead of passively making social media posts and hoping that customers see them, you'll send notifications right to their phones. Customers might not check their email inboxes every day, but they check their smartphones multiple times--and when your name pops up, you build brand recognition. You'll also provide a handy way for customers to use coupons, add reviews, ask questions and stay in touch with your business.

Social Media Posts

While social media shouldn't be your entire marketing strategy, when combined with other methods, social media marketing allows you to reach customers through different channels. Twitter and Facebook have different audiences and demographics. Targeting both platforms reaches a broader audience and gives you the chance to promote your posts. You can also interact with customers directly by answering questions, responding to reviews and providing great customer service. This builds a personal relationship with customers so they don't see you as a faceless business.

Instagram Engagement

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms--and if you engage with customers, you'll earn tens of thousands of followers. Instead of making a few posts and logging off, reply to customers' comments and leave "heart" reactions to show your appreciation. Use the Stories feature to create polls, quiz your audience and promote interactivity instead of passive scrolling. You can also host live video chats where customers talk to you face-to-face.

Reach out to D Koder Marketing to discuss our direct engagement marketing services.

Let's take the data you paid for and turn it into recurring traffic

When you build it - it does not mean they will visit. Our SEO services take it to the next step by connecting your website to the customers search terms.

Direct Engagement

Email Marketing

Attract new people and turn them into loyal subscribers through websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and embedded forms.

Text Marketing

Reach people where they are: on their mobile phones. Craft your message and target your audience with precision.

Instagram Growth Strategy

This services will help you reach your customers alike and grow your brand on Instagram.

Direct Engagement
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