A good ad is a seed for a fruit tree. Repetition is its water. Weekly consistency is its sunlight. The longer your seed is allowed to grow in the mind of the public, the greater and greater your harvests will be. What size harvests do you want to see?

Search Advertising

With over eight campaign objectives we navigate the "PPC Jungle" with precession and organization. We work with budgets ranging from $500 to $75,000/month. 

Display Advertising

We work with the major display platforms, including Google Display Network, Microsoft Ads and Yahoo. Your display ads are delivered with multiple targeting methods and crafted for all types of Display Advertising 

Video Advertising

If you have videos that tell a story we can captivate your customers with sight, sound and motion on YouTube and connected TVs. We can run Video reach awareness, Outstream (reach audience outside of YouTube), and Ad sequence campaigns.

Direct Engagement

This service has been designed by our team based on past research and results for our existing clients. The purpose of this service is to stay in direct contact with your current customers and keeping them informed about your business. Plus, seeing a jump in your monthly social engagement.

eCommerce Marketing

Cross channel ecommerce marketing is possible with the DKM eStore platform. We can run Google Merchant Shopping Ads with access to the most popular ecommerce platforms. Increase your sales and decrease your CPA.

QR Code Marketing

Design unlimited dynamic QR codes for online and offline purpose marketing. Multi-URL App Store QR codes, Geo GPS tracking, QR Code scan retargeting, and QR Code Analytics.

Not Out of the Box

Start with a consultation today. Our services are not out of a box; we do the work.