Development of Meaningful Content

Increase Brand Awareness with Rich, Throughout Content

You have started your "widget" business, and you are preparing to launch your online presence when it occurs to you that you know a lot more about making "widgets" than you know about doing internet "stuff."

In fact, all you may know is that you have to have an online presence and that is a great place to start. Here at D Koder Marketing, we have no clue how to make "widgets," but we excel in making your product, business, and brand shine online.


Our content marketing service is standing by to help you develop meaningful online material that converts casual visits to your site into paying customers who are likely to return. The truth is, algorithmic alchemy will only get you so far in the search engine optimization world, after that you need appropriate SEO content that holds significant value to the end user who benefits from those algorithms…your customers.

​Grab Their Attention and Change Their Minds

We take a strategic focus to your overall online content marketing efforts. Towards that end, your blogs and landing pages will draw out your customer's interest, how-to-guides and articles will inform them, before your timely lists and Infographics bring them to your service pages ready to make a commitment. This is essentially the ecommerce courtship dance designed to spark a relationship between your brand and a curious general public. As their informational gathering place, your interactions will slowly build a bridge of trust that will culminate in a conversion. Whether that conversion is a sale, newsletter sign-up, or "follow" on social media, we make sure that all your online efforts are pulling towards the same strategic goals of moving your company forward.

Conquering the online ecommerce world is one part science and one part artistry, which when combined with a strategic focus that it is unrelenting in the pursuit of your goals, is guaranteed to generate the interest, interactions, and sales that you need to succeed. 

D Koder Marketing is a full service digital marketing company that specializes in your entire online, ecommerce effort. Reach out today to discover how we can help you move your online marketing efforts to the next level.

Your Ranking is great, but what about the browsers and researchers?

Just because you have great rankings with your focused keywords does not mean that web users know or trust your brand. Walk a month or years in their shoes with select marketing techniques.

Content Marketing

Uncover New Headlines

We will research new topics and engaging content ideas to bring more customers no matter where they are in the buying cycle. 

Keyword Research

Match your content strategy with the right keywords.

100% Original

Know that we are writing 100% original content and that we scan to see that nobody is stealing it from you.

Content Marketing