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What is On-Page SEO?


What is On Page SEO?

In simple terms, on page SEO refers to the process of making your website more friendly for search engines. Optimizing your website involves making sure you have the most relevant meta data, website code, and user-friendly content on your pages. Doing this encourages you to rank higher on search engine results pages, which in turn increases the amount of organic traffic that your website receives.

Why is On Page SEO so Important?

If you own a website, it's up to you to determine the technical aspects as well as the quality of your content. Decent on page SEO helps search engines determine the worth of your website. If your website contains relevant keywords and information that's determined to be of value, search engines will place you higher up in their results pages. A poorly optimized site means that you won't rank as well on search engines, and will lose out on valuable traffic to your website as a result.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

If you're targeting highly competitive terms and keywords, it can take a while to see the desired results. Conversely, if there's little competition for the words your targeting, you may see the results almost instantly. This factor is largely dependent on the amount of competition in your website's niche.

Best Practices For On Site SEO

It's not enough to simply stuff your website with relevant keywords and phrases. This can often result in your website being demoted by Google. The formula for getting things right is pretty complex and there are a lot rules you should be following.

Rather than attempting to stuff every paragraph with keywords, you should be focusing on using them properly. Keyword density is important, but you should also be using them naturally through your website. A good structure is key, as is using your keywords strategically. Keyword stuffing makes your content unpleasant to read and can potentially off-putting to customers.

The layout of your website is also an important part of on site SEO. Nobody likes to click on a site and be confronted with a wall of text, and your site should reflect this. Sleek, minimalist designs with only the necessary information are great for visitors to your site but also for your SEO rankings.

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Many customers stop without going any further than these featured companies, making it extremely important for modern online marketing for any business focused in a particular locality. In any market where a local pack exists for a particular search term, it’s imperative that you get your company on there; sitting at the top of the organic search results without a local pack listing makes your listing the fourth real listing a customer sees - and you may be further down than that after advertisements. 

In the past, it wasn’t as critical to emphasize local SEO, but changes in search habits, the shrinking of the local pack from seven listings to three and the increasing competitiveness of local SEO listings make it more important than ever that you invest in proper optimization. Even if customers hear about your company some other way, not having a listing in the local pack reduces your authority and name recognition and creates an inferior customer experience. 

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While there are countless factors that can confound or ease efforts to get into your local pack, experts generally agree on these timelines.


  • New businesses with no existing site or SEO take 3-9 months for a listing in a competitive market and 1-6 in non-competitive markets.

  • Partially optimized sites with bare-bones SEO will take 3-9 months in competitive markets and 2-6 in non-competitive markets.

  • Poorly optimized sites with messy, high-risk SEO will take 3-12 months for competitive markets and 3-6 in non-competitive markets.

  • Sites which have had a Manual Penalty applied will take between 3 months and a year to recover from bad SEO practices.


As you can see, in many cases a fresh slate offers faster results than correcting course after establishing your site with low-quality SEO. For this reason, it’s advised that you minimize your SEO efforts and keep your website minimalist until you can invest in proper local pack SEO, to achieve optimal results with the least effort.

Ranking in the local pack is easy; just need to know the right techniques.


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