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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing is the second element under the Search Engine Marketing umbrella. The term, SEO, refers to the organic and local map pack listings by using various strategies. These strategies are implemented to boost a website's ranking in search engines by improving the page authority and domain authority.


There are an overwhelming amount of tactics a company could try to use to appear higher in the SERPs (search engine result pages), so finding the strategies for your company is vital.

D Koder Marketing d kodes your internet marketing needs and provides a timeline with direct SEO strategies. DKM will use some or all of our methods to frame out a visual plan for your company pending on your site goals.

At D Koder Marketing, we use the most relevant techniques for your company to represent the best practices in our trade. From research to build, we are continually striving to evolve our product and service development so our clients have a leading advantage over the competitive market.

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While many Allentown businesses continue to invest in phone books, radio and TV messages to gather sales, most businesses are starting to see SEO is a true powerhouse method.


With so many companies moving to online, the web information is drowning the consumers and most times leaving them misled.

To push your business through crappy blogs, press releases, and other news articles, D Koder Marketing puts together a plan that focuses on consumers that are searching for your products or services. By building a solid foundation with your customers based on trust, communication and professionalism, we will hone our efforts into securing you the conversions you need.

There is a great chance that we will know what works for you. Why? Because for 13 years we have asked the right questions and been working with a verity of industries.

Rather than waste precious life and valuable dollars on uninterested parties, we will connect you directly to consumers who are actively within your target demographic.

Hire D Koder Marketing to place the right SEO angles to support your website.

D Koder Marketing has crafted the most successful team in the Allentown SEO industry. D Koder Marketing jumps everyday to exceed your expectations!

DKM has a collection of insights, experiences and historical data to pull from as we build a SEO plan for you. We also have combined adaptability, creativity and innovation to take you to the next level with the ever-changing Internet.

Don't choose an SEO Company in Allentown that provides temporary solutions with a long-term price tag. Sometime companies will use tactics that could get your website penalized which will end up costing you more money. Choose to work with D Koder Marketing instead and receive a timeline in developing long-term success that will last for years.​


You must be some what interested if you got this far... right?

Our process is fairly simple, but our priority is knowing where you want to go and be seen while doing it.

We become a family member and our specialist starts to analyze your website to gain a better understanding of your fouls and home runs through a website audit.

Because of the website audit, we work through every aspect of your site (looking for web design company?) and organize notes on what needs improving. The fouls that we see are more than just design elements. We are looking at details that search engines use to rank websites, details that maybe other Allentown SEO companies over look.

It is crucial to pay utmost attention to even the most minuscule details when dealing with search engines. Without this, your business could result in lower rankings, decreased site traffic and ultimately, less return to your business.

Some details that we look at, but not limited to are:

  • Meta Tags

  • Alt Tags

  • Page Copy

  • Titles

  • Navigation Structure

  • Duplicate copy

  • Backlinks

  • more and much more...



D Koder Marketing has performed on-page and off-page services for large and small companies to small businesses. We know the dedication it takes when bringing a business online. Request a 15 minute free consultation with David Koder to evaluate your website goals and next steps.